Juicer is a pioneering company that's reshaping the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging. Specializing in residential charging solutions, Juicer enables homeowners to offer their private charging stations as public charging points. Through a seamless app experience complete with an advanced booking system and secure payment options, the company facilitates convenient access to charging infrastructure for EV owners. By leveraging underutilized home-based charging stations, Juicer is significantly expanding the charging network while fostering a community-driven approach to sustainable transportation.


Nick Huzar
Cofounder of OfferUp (The largest local marketplace in the U.S.) with 130M installs and 50M unique users annually.
Amit Mital
Previously Special Assistant to The President, EVP and CTO at Symantec, 20 years with Microsoft, last role VP for the Startup Business Group.
Goutham Sukumar
Responsible for technology. Engineer and Entrepreneur for 30 years, previously CEO of NitroDesk (Acquired by Symantec).
Jon Gelsey
Previous CEO of (acquired by Apple for $200M). Cofounder & CEO of Auth0,(Acquired by Okta for $6.5B). Before M&A at Microsoft and VC at Intel Capital.